1. I define ‘prophet’ in this context, not as one who foresages what will come to pass, but rather brings enlightenment as to the true uncertainty inherent in the nature of our perceived reality.

          2. I think you’ll find that’s a guru…

            The only true prophet is a false prophet!


          3. This must be true, I found it on the internet:

            Generally, a guru is an established teacher of a given religion, and known for being a skillful instructor of established truth. They may plant the seed for new variations or outlooks on a faith, but this is the exception rather than the rule– they bear philosophies rather than laws.

            A prophet is a predictor of the future and/or someone who comes bearing entirely new truth as to the nature of the faith, generally as a result of having had direct communion with the spiritual force behind the religion in question– they bear new rules or revelations rather than philosophies.

            Ergo sum The First Prophet. QED.

          4. That was exactly my point:
            “I define ‘prophet’ in this context, not as one who foresages what will come to pass, but rather brings enlightenment”
            Or were you joking? Perhaps you try to take the mantle of False Prophet, it’s mine I tell you, mine! Maniacal laughter…

          5. No, you misunderstand. Of the two definitions of “prophet” in my previous post (predictor of the future and/or someone bearing an entirely new truth), I identify as the latter. I have (and simultaneously have not) had direct communion with the force (or lack of one) which underpins the essential indeterminability of the true nature and source of existence. This experience definitively happened (or didn’t) to the self of the First Prophet (me).
            I would not wish to usurp the counterpoint position of False Prophet, as its equivalent is an essential role in most religions (Satan, Hel, Sekhmet, Crnobog, Coatlicue, Elrik, etc). You are performing an essential role in the enlightenment of potential followers, and I thank you sincerely for it.
            Nice laugh, by the way.

    1. Exactly! You have grasped the ethos in its entirety. I invite you to self identify as the ‘Second Prophet’

    1. Or isn’t he? That is the inevitable dichotomy which is the essence of this interpretation of meaning.

    1. Possibly so, but definitively also not. To be heretical against the declaration that everything may or may not be true, is to assert that nothing may not or may be false. This is effectively the same logical position, making the statement its own opposite and rendering the entire viewpoint moot.

  1. Argument not.
    If you seek clarity on your status I may be able to get it for you by consulting with another being or something else.


    1. I like your equivocation. You’re getting there: no definitives in sight. However your use of the word “clarity” is somewhat problematic. If you mean that it is clear that there can be no clarity, you have it spot on. If I was being picky, I would just add “or may not” to your capability statement, and “or nothing at all” to to the list of consultees. You are well on your way to prophethood, but if you prefer the title of Shaman (or even First Shaman), that’s fine.


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